प्रवेशार्हताविवरणम् /Eligibility Criteria

A.     Shastri with Sahitya-Shastra (Alankara-shastra)- / BA with major Sahityam /Equivalent exam.


B.     Any Graduation (with or without Sanskrit / BA/Bsc/BCom/BBA/LLB etc.)  +  pass in Acharya Bridge (Sahityam).


C.     Any Graduation (with or without Sanskrit) + pass in Sahitya-Acharya Entrance Test.


  • For above  mentioned A & B category, Entrance test is not required.
  •  This is a Post Graduation programme in Sanskrit with specialization in Sahityam.
  • 05 papers of 100 marks each year.
  • Those who passed general B.A. or equivalent exam of any University with Sanskrit for mere 200 marks (in entire 3years) but obtained the knowledge of basic Shastric texts of Sahitya-Shastra(such as साहित्यदर्पणम्, अलङ्कारशास्त्रपरिचयः, मेघदूतम्, नैषधीयचरितम्, कादम्बरी, उत्तररामचरितम् etc.), may get admission in to Acharya after passing  Acharya Entrance Test in concerned Shastra.
  • Graduation  in any subject & knowledge of basic texts of a Sahitya-Shastra (such as साहित्यदर्पणम्, अलङ्कारशास्त्रपरिचयः, मेघदूतम्, नैषधीयचरितम्, कादम्बरी, उत्तररामचरितम् etc.). is must for writing Acharya Entrance test. Those who do not have this, are advised  to  apply for either Acharya Bridge  or  Shastri- Bridge  based on other eligibility criteria and their understanding level of Sanskrit.

पाठ्यक्रमस्य अवधिः / Duration of the programme/course: 2 years.
पाठ्यक्रमं पूरयितुम् अनुमतः अधिकतमः अवधिः / Maximum duration allowed to complete the Course: 4 years.
शास्त्रम् / Shastram: साहित्यम्
आधुनिकविषयः / Modern subject: Select any of the available options.
आधुनिकविषयस्य परीक्षालेखनस्य माध्यमभाषा / Medium for writing exam for Modern subject: Select from the available option.
सम्भावितः परीक्षाकालः / Tentative Exam-time: Will be announced by the Exam Dept. Probable exam-time will be October.
पाठ्यक्रम-वर्षम् / सत्रम् (Year / Semister): Select appropriate