पाठ्यक्रमविवरणम् /Description
  • Having Good basic knowledge of Sanskrit  attained through Shastri-Bridge or by any other means (Kovida/self study/Gurukula-study etc.) may apply for this. Here good basic  knowledge of Sanskrit  means having not only ability of reading, writing and speaking Sanskrit but also having full clarity on  सन्धि, समास, कारक, विभक्ति, अजन्त, हलन्त, सर्वनाम, विशेषण-विशेष्यभाव, शतृ-शानच्, क्त्वा, तुमुन्, ल्यप्, परस्मैपद, आत्मनेपद, लकार, विविध-लकारेषु कर्तरि-कर्मणि-भावेप्रयोगाः, संख्या-संख्येय etc.  Full clarity on  these subjects is must for entering to this programme.  
  • This course is intended for higher learning in  Vyakarana-Shastra .  This Diploma will be considered as Acharya Bridge programme also. 
  • Please note that Graduation is not essential to enter this course if one possesses Sanskrit language efficiency as defined above. But those having graduation  in any discipline (with or without Sanskrit) may apply for Acharya (M.A) in Vyakarana-Shastra after completing this Diploma (i.e. Shastravagahani/Acharya Bridge with Vyakarana-Shastra). Thus this course will serve as Acharya Bridge programme for those only who are graduates in any discipline.
  • Those who are presently studying in regular mode at graduation /PG  level (Shastri/Acharya etc.) may also take this Distance-course additionally to study Vyakarana-Shastra as an enrichment programme if they have  language efficiency as specified above.
  • Direct admission based on self-certification regarding required language efficiency.  No Entrance Test.
  • 6 papers of 100 marks each.

पाठ्यक्रमस्य अवधिः / Duration of the programme/course: 1 year.
पाठ्यक्रमं पूरयितुम् अनुमतः अधिकतमः अवधिः / Maximum duration allowed to complete the Course: 2 years.
शास्त्रम् / Shastram: व्याकरणम्
आधुनिकविषयः / Modern subject: History.
आधुनिकविषयस्य परीक्षालेखनस्य माध्यमभाषा / Medium for writing exam for Modern subject: English
सम्भावितः परीक्षाकालः / Tentative Exam-time: Will be announced by the Exam Dept. Probable exam-time will be October.
पाठ्यक्रम-वर्षम् / सत्रम् (Year / Semister): तृतीयवर्षम्