• Any person who wants to study Sanskrit  step by step and to improve communication skills in Sanskrit & wants to build up ability to understand original Sanskrit texts like Bhagvadgeeta,  Ramayana etc. can opt for this.
  •  Minimum age 15 Yrs.   No upper age limit
  •  04 papers of 100 marks each  [Good basic knowledge of Sanskrit i.e. ability of reading, writing and speaking Sanskrit, knowledge of essential grammar & anvaya-paddhati  & entry to opted Shastra etc.  can be achieved through  this Shastri -Bridge course]
  •  Those  who are undergoing any other  regular course any where may also  take this course as enrichment- programme.

पाठ्यक्रमस्य अवधिः / Duration of the programme/course: 1 year.
पाठ्यक्रमं पूरयितुम् अनुमतः अधिकतमः अवधिः / Maximum duration allowed to complete the Course: 2 years.
शास्त्रम् / Shastram: एकं शास्त्रं चेतव्यम् Choose one Shastra from the option available.
आधुनिकविषयः / Modern subject: History.
आधुनिकविषयस्य परीक्षालेखनस्य माध्यमभाषा / Medium for writing exam for Modern subject: English
सम्भावितः परीक्षाकालः / Tentative Exam-time: Will be announced by the Exam Dept. Probable exam-time will be October.
पाठ्यक्रम-वर्षम् / सत्रम् (Year / Semister): तृतीयवर्षम्